A Few Words From Alex Nye

Here is a nice Yay! YA+ related blog post from the fabulous Alex Nye, award winning author of Chill.  She’s just one of our many award winning authors taking part in the event.

This is fab author Alex Nye!
This is Alex Nye opening her inviation to Yay! YA+.  It will self-destruct in 5,4,3,2…

Today sees the launch of Scotland’s FIRST EVER book festival for Young Adult Literature. My friend Kirkland Ciccone had the bright and original idea of ensuring that Scotland had its own festival to celebrate its own tradition of Scottish authors (and authors who live in Scotland), to meet the needs of local schools. The First of these festivals has been organised for 24th April in Cumbernauld Theatre and will feature a variety of engaging workshops/activities/author events to inspire pupils and young readers from all over the country. Places are already being booked, so if you would like your school to take part, you are encouraged to apply for a place soon.

Scotland deserves its own Book Festival for its own young people, and let this be the first of many. A new tradition has begun.

Taken from Alex Nye’s official Goodreads page.


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