Here it is, folks! Here is the schedule we’ve suffered over for weeks on end. With so many authors and so little time, we debated on different ways to give you more to see, hear and do at Yay!YA+ in April.  This is the first event in Scotland completely dedicated to YA books – and why not? They’re the best books ever…and we have some of the best YA authors at Cumbernauld Theatre in April.

Our schedule.
Our schedule.

Here is how the day will go:

We have 200 pupils booked – 10 schools.

All pupils will be in the auditorium for the introduction then approximately 100 will remain to see the programme as listed for that area.

The remaining 100 – split in to groups of 16/17 – will have roughly 10  minute slots with the other authors who are positioned in the various areas of the Theatre. They will be accompanied by a member of FOH staff. Fortunately the school bookings are for 16 or 33 therefore the splits are ideal.

There will be an hour for lunch and book signing. Then we swap so that those who have circulated in the morning are seated in the auditorium and vice versa.

All pupils therefore have a chance to see/meet and experience all the writers’ work.

We will finish with a 15 minute Q & A for all and a last opportunity to meet authors and sign books.

We will be fully staffed that day and are well used to having large school parties in the building but we can chat next week about support.

Our Creative Learning Department will be in touch with the schools regarding facilities , photography permissions etc. Again we run many projects with NLC schools therefore are set up to cover these types of issues.

If you need to ask any questions, EMAIL CUMBERNAULD THEATRE or the gang here at Yay!YA+ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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