A Few Words From Alex Nye

Here is a nice Yay! YA+ related blog post from the fabulous Alex Nye, award winning author of Chill.  She’s just one of our many award winning authors taking part in the event.

This is fab author Alex Nye!
This is Alex Nye opening her inviation to Yay! YA+.  It will self-destruct in 5,4,3,2…

Today sees the launch of Scotland’s FIRST EVER book festival for Young Adult Literature. My friend Kirkland Ciccone had the bright and original idea of ensuring that Scotland had its own festival to celebrate its own tradition of Scottish authors (and authors who live in Scotland), to meet the needs of local schools. The First of these festivals has been organised for 24th April in Cumbernauld Theatre and will feature a variety of engaging workshops/activities/author events to inspire pupils and young readers from all over the country. Places are already being booked, so if you would like your school to take part, you are encouraged to apply for a place soon.

Scotland deserves its own Book Festival for its own young people, and let this be the first of many. A new tradition has begun.

Taken from Alex Nye’s official Goodreads page.


We’re here! Yay! YA+ is officially up and running. Every school librarian in Scotland will get our special email. Teen YA readers will finally have the festival they deserve: and that’s us. We can’t wait to begin. This has been planned for months. On one side we have Cumbernauld Theatre, and on the other CultureNL. And there’s so much more to come, and we’ll reveal more about our special new festival across the new few days.

Here’s Kirkland Ciccone launching Yay! YA+ at Greenfaulds High School this morning:

Kirkland Ciccone's groovy shirt.
Kirkland Ciccone’s groovy shirt.

We dig his fab shirt.

We have some of the brighest and best authors in YA and Kid Lit coming to Cumbernauld Theatre in April.  Check them out and book your places NOW!

Catherine MacPhail’s Spooky Movie!

YA novels make great movies, so in celebration of the launch of Yay! YA+, here is a trailer for forthcoming film ANOTHER ME based on the novel by Catherine MacPhail:

Catherine will be discussing the movie, the book, and the differences between both at Yay! YA+ in April. Keep a lookout for the movie in cinemas during 2015. PS If you see someone with your face, then RUN as fast as possible. They’ll want to take over your entire life and steal your friends!

We Are Yay! YA+

At last! We can talk about it! No more keeping it secret!

Young Adult fiction is amazing.  Kid Lit is amazing.  And literary festivals?  AMAZING.  So why not combine them all into a glorious day of live events? Think of Yay! YA+ as a Live Aid of amazing authors, except Bob Geldof won’t be asking for your money. Yay! YA+ is the first festival in Scotland to be dedicated to YA fiction. And why not? YA novels at this moment in time are massive, and they deserve respect.  And that is what Yay! YA+ is going to do in April.  We hope this day is similar to the successful YALC event recently held in London.

Yay! YA+ (the plus sign is silent!) is going to be a day packed full of live events.  We have an array of amazing authors, some of the best talent in the YA genre, as well as a few Kid Lit authors thrown in to make the event extra special. Yay! YA+ will have live panels, creative writing workshops, signings, and unique author events you won’t see anywhere else.  The best thing about Yay! YA+ is that entry is FREE.  The only money pupils will need is cash for the tuck shop and books.

Yay! YA+ is open to every single school in Scotland, providing they can reach Cumbernauld Theatre safely.  Seats will be given out on a first come first served basis; tickets must be booked in advance of the day.

The age range for this event is Primary 7 to Third Year pupils only. This means we have pupils who are the target age to read YA books, but also a good selection of pupils who are about to graduate onto teenage books. We have something for all readers at Yay! YA+.

Yay! YA+ takes place on Friday 24th April 2015, 10.00 -14.30

The schedule of events will be up online very soon.

Our new Twitter account will be up and running soon, and Cumbernauld Theatre will have information to give out soon.  So please, please, please bookmark this site. If you are a school librarian, please get behind this event!

Thank you.

IMPORTANT: If you want to book pupils from your school, you need to get permission. Staff supplied by North Lanarkshire Council has been disclosed for safety. Cumbernauld Theatre will take bookings. If you can’t get spaces for your pupils, you will be put onto a list and informed if a school drops out.

If you don’t turn up, please give us adequate warning so we can get another school to take your place.  Absentee schools will be ineligible for a space next year.

If you have anything you would like to ask, just CONTACT us here at Yay! YA+ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.