Catherine MacPhail

The fabulous Cathy MacPhail!
The fabulous Cathy MacPhail!

CATHERINE MACPHAIL is a Scottish-born author. MacPhail has quickly established a reputation as a writer of gritty, urban stories that tackle emotional, contemporary issues but always work towards a positive solution and are usually realistic. Although she has had other jobs, she always wanted to be a writer but she didn’t think she would be suited to it. Her first published work was a sort of “twist-in-the-tale” story in Titbits, followed by a story in the Sunday Post. After she had won a romantic story competition in Woman’s Weekly, she decided to concentrate on romantic novels, but after writing two, she decided that it wasn’t right for her. In addition to writing books for children around their teens, she also writes for adults, she is the author of the BBC Radio 2 series, My Mammy And Me.

MacPhail was also previously president of the Scottish Association of Writers and chair of the Scottish Children’s Writers and Illustrators


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