Kirkland Ciccone

His fur coats are fake, but he's 100% real!
His fur coats are fake, but he’s 100% real!

KIRKLAND CICCONE is the author of creepy teen whodunnit Conjuring The Infinite, which won the Catalyst Book Award 2014. His second novel Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide To Dictatorship In The Fictional Nation Of Enkadar is every bit as weird as the title suggests. His latest weirdo YA novel is North Of Porter, which is a lovely story about a teenage boy with a handbag who takes on a serial killer. It isn’t Kirkland’s autobiography.

Kirkland is one of the most in-demand live performers in school libraries across Scotland as a result of his surreal humour, outrageous dress sense, acidic one liners, and live show. He performed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015.

His quirky take on the YA genre is not to be missed.



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