The Big Day!

It happened!

It actually happened!

And it was amazing. No seriously, it was amazing. School buses, the press, authors and all sorts of YA loving book types came to Cumbernauld Theatre to celebrate the Teen Reads Scene of Scotland.  The day was kicked off by Kirkland Ciccone, who resembled not so much Barbarella but Barbarfella in his tin foil top and ray gun.  “Welcome to the first annual Hunger Gam…oh wait!”  The auditorium was packed with teenagers, who were then split into groups. One lot of teens stayed in the auditorium to see a trailer of the new movie version of Cathy MacPhail’s classic YA chillfest Another Me.  Then Cathy arrived to discuss her books in front of an enraptured audience.  Theresa Breslin followed, arriving with a gas mask on her face! *it was fabulous*  She discussed her classic books while the screen behind her showed slides of various book covers.  Pupils asked questions about Divided City and Ghost Soldier, which Theresa answered, and then she moved aside to give Barry Hutchison his turn with the microphone!  TIP: don’t buy him a squirrel. Don’t even mention squirrels to him.  Don’t even think about squirrels when he’s around.  DON’T DO IT.

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Meanwhile, around the theatre, the other teenagers were escorted by the Front of House team led by Lorna to each author who performed a reading from their books.  The pupils loved this part of the day because they got to explore the innards of the old theatre, and they got to see their favourite authors face to face.  Lari Don, Matt Cartney, Linda Strachan, V.C. Campbell, Roy Gill and Alex Nye rose to the occasion in their individual areas.  And every now and then…the pupils caught sight of Kirkland Ciccone and his metallic fashions of the future.  His ray gun wasn’t armed with darts, because Kirkland knows that even in the future the potential for lawsuits is high!

Then the book shop opened.  The place was mobbed and Scotia Books, who provided the book shop, sold a tonne of books. Hurrah!

Keith Charters, author of the Lee series, then came to the Theatre and hosted the panel.  We had a very savvy audience, thank goodness.

And then it was all over.

But what about next year?

Well that’s another story…


We Are Yay! YA+

At last! We can talk about it! No more keeping it secret!

Young Adult fiction is amazing.  Kid Lit is amazing.  And literary festivals?  AMAZING.  So why not combine them all into a glorious day of live events? Think of Yay! YA+ as a Live Aid of amazing authors, except Bob Geldof won’t be asking for your money. Yay! YA+ is the first festival in Scotland to be dedicated to YA fiction. And why not? YA novels at this moment in time are massive, and they deserve respect.  And that is what Yay! YA+ is going to do in April.  We hope this day is similar to the successful YALC event recently held in London.

Yay! YA+ (the plus sign is silent!) is going to be a day packed full of live events.  We have an array of amazing authors, some of the best talent in the YA genre, as well as a few Kid Lit authors thrown in to make the event extra special. Yay! YA+ will have live panels, creative writing workshops, signings, and unique author events you won’t see anywhere else.  The best thing about Yay! YA+ is that entry is FREE.  The only money pupils will need is cash for the tuck shop and books.

Yay! YA+ is open to every single school in Scotland, providing they can reach Cumbernauld Theatre safely.  Seats will be given out on a first come first served basis; tickets must be booked in advance of the day.

The age range for this event is Primary 7 to Third Year pupils only. This means we have pupils who are the target age to read YA books, but also a good selection of pupils who are about to graduate onto teenage books. We have something for all readers at Yay! YA+.

Yay! YA+ takes place on Friday 24th April 2015, 10.00 -14.30

The schedule of events will be up online very soon.

Our new Twitter account will be up and running soon, and Cumbernauld Theatre will have information to give out soon.  So please, please, please bookmark this site. If you are a school librarian, please get behind this event!

Thank you.

IMPORTANT: If you want to book pupils from your school, you need to get permission. Staff supplied by North Lanarkshire Council has been disclosed for safety. Cumbernauld Theatre will take bookings. If you can’t get spaces for your pupils, you will be put onto a list and informed if a school drops out.

If you don’t turn up, please give us adequate warning so we can get another school to take your place.  Absentee schools will be ineligible for a space next year.

If you have anything you would like to ask, just CONTACT us here at Yay! YA+ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.