Questions you might like answered:

What is Yay! YA+?

Yay! YA+ is a unique Scottish literary festival dedicated to YA fiction, but we also love junior fiction because kid lit readers grow into readers of YA books! For our launch year we have Scottish authors but if this event is successful and grows into something bigger, we will definitely have authors from other countries. Even England!

What is YA?

YA or Young Adult literature is written and published for teenagers. It can also be referred to as Teenage/Juvenile/Crossover Fiction. While we’re on the subject, YA books happen to be the best books in the world. These books have been made into movies starring your favourite actors, with soundtracks featuring your favourite bands. We’re everywhere!

So YA books are only for teenagers?

A good YA novel should appeal to adults too. In fact a large percentage of the YA readership isn’t adolescent. Adults went to high school too, so the themes of these books are familiar to them.

Who organised Yay! YA?

The author of weird YA fiction Kirkland Ciccone organised it after discussing the potential of the event with other authors. He approached Cumbernauld Theatre and they joined forces, raised funds, and put it together. The authors involved in this have all given their time and creativity to make it all happen.

Who decided which authors appeared?

Kirkland Ciccone opened up his black book of contacts, and then planned his fantasy literary festival.  Some of the biggest names in YA/Kid Lit come from Scotland including Theresa Breslin, Barry Hutchison and Catherine MacPhail. And there’s new talent and some authors who might not be as well know, but deserve to be well know. We have award winners and brilliant performers. We have the best.

What does the plus sign mean in Yay! YA+?

The plus sign is silent, but represents that the festival can do more than YA fiction. If this is a success, we’ll expand it next year with more authors and open it to the public!

Why isn’t it open to the public?

We had to make sure there was an audience for the authors, so we decided to open this event up to schools and allow them to bus their pupils into the Theatre. We have space for 250 people. This event is geared towards high school readers and school librarians who, quite frankly, deserve it. If this goes well, we’ll open it up for the public next year…and possibly add more days.

Who sponsored Yay! YA+?

Funding was given over by Cumbernauld Theatre. Kirkland Ciccone begged and stalked and harassed them until they opened their wallets. What about the numerous selfies of Kirkland Ciccone with a bottle of Irn-Bru in his hands? An attempt at grabbing sponsorship! NOTE: Kirkland also loves Coca-Cola.

Why Cumbernauld as the location? Why not Glasgow or Edinburgh?

The best teen movie ever was filmed in Cumbernauld: Gregory’s Girl!  Cumbernauld is nicely situated between Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Stirling. Cumbernauld Theatre is a great venue and they were the first to take interest in our ideas. So Cumbernauld it is!

How do you pronounce Yay! YA?

“Yay Why Ae.” Everyone says Yay yaaah!